Empyrean Source Ticket Service

NFT Utility & Ecosystem Infrastructure hosted by Empyrean Source Industries. (ESTS) are polygon powered secure NFT tickets for the Empyrean Source Ecosystem and the decentralized world. ESTS is a collection of NFTs by ESI and sponsored partners, clients, and collaborative projects to host ticket sales for events, content access, and fundraising.

ESTS Application

Start the process for your Ticket Service NFT below by entering the requested information in the Request Form Submission

    Note: An application form will be sent to prompt more information regarding your event. The minting process may take up to 72 hours for you to receive your ESTS NFT to the provided wallet address below. Please verify the address is correct before submitting to the blockchain.

    Features & About ESTS


    Event Ticketing

    Create a ticket attendees will need attend events or organizational meetups


    Content Access Token

    Tokenize access to creator content, limited exclusive benefits, & resources


    Loyalty Membership & Rewards Voucher

    Represent loyalty program enrollment, membership status, & real world use cases for discounting goods and services


    Free Service

    As Empyrean Source Ecosystem grows we created this solution to become the operator domain username infrastructure. To help jumpstart the readable names; anyone can register with their wallet and name they want.